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We’re about people. We put human beings at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring our ideas and plans are culturally rich and consumer-led.

About HookPoint

At Hook Point, our strength lies in our people - a diverse team of the brightest minds in social media strategy and creative content. Led by Brendan Kane, our Founder and CEO, we are a collective of visionaries, each bringing unique insights and expertise to the table.


We've been at the forefront of digital innovation for 18 years, transforming the landscape of social media marketing.


Through our process, we have achieved over 60 billion views, inspiring us to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


We've not just built followings; we've fostered communities, generating over 100 million followers for our clients, connecting individuals with brands.


We understand that each brand has a unique story and audience. Our approach is tailored 'For You', ensuring that every strategy is as individual as your brand, designed for your specific path to success.

Our team of experts

We work with some of the brightest social media strategists and creatives in the industry.

Profile image of Brendan KaneProfile image of Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane

Founder and CEO

Profile image of Jeff KingProfile image of Jeff King

Jeff King


Profile image of Paulo de SousaProfile image of Paulo de Sousa

Paulo de Sousa

Chief Administration Officer

Profile image of Dave CohenProfile image of Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen

Financial Advisor

Profile image of José BrízidaProfile image of José Brízida

José Brízida

Chief Marketing Officer

Profile image of Luke EvensonProfile image of Luke Evenson

Luke Evenson

Creative Director

Profile image of Melissa HuismanProfile image of Melissa Huisman

Melissa Huisman

Lead Writer & Project Manager

Profile image of Samantha Jane BeeProfile image of Samantha Jane Bee

Samantha Jane Bee

Client Services Manager

Profile image of Ana GilbertProfile image of Ana Gilbert

Ana Gilbert

Project Manager

Profile image of Leonor RebeloProfile image of Leonor Rebelo

Leonor Rebelo

Executive Assistant

Profile image of Sharon HuntProfile image of Sharon Hunt

Sharon Hunt

Online Business Manager

Profile image of Michael GlinesProfile image of Michael Glines

Michael Glines

Senior Creative Specialist

Profile image of Austin RileyProfile image of Austin Riley

Austin Riley

Video Editor & Creative Specialist

Profile image of Derrien KingProfile image of Derrien King

Derrien King

Communications Specialist

Profile image of Ash AbbottProfile image of Ash Abbott

Ash Abbott

Video Editor & Script Writer

Profile image of Ren ShelburnProfile image of Ren Shelburn

Ren Shelburn

Creative Strategist

Profile image of João HenriquesProfile image of João Henriques

João Henriques

Paid Media Expert

Profile image of Danielle GoldenbergProfile image of Danielle Goldenberg

Danielle Goldenberg

Marketing Assistant

Profile image of Jasna HodzicProfile image of Jasna Hodzic

Jasna Hodzic


Profile image of Andrew TarkingtonProfile image of Andrew Tarkington

Andrew Tarkington


Profile image of Tom ByrappaProfile image of Tom Byrappa

Tom Byrappa

Executive Consultant

Profile image of Natalia SokolovaProfile image of Natalia Sokolova

Natalia Sokolova

Executive Consultant

Profile image of Nicole TicknorProfile image of Nicole Ticknor

Nicole Ticknor

Executive Consultant

Profile image of Danny SwensonProfile image of Danny Swenson

Danny Swenson

Executive Consultant

Profile image of Parker AllenProfile image of Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Executive Consultant

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