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How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World


By out of the box thinker Brendan Kane, breaks down the most effective strategies to generate new opportunities, innovate and scale your business, and create a compelling brand — both online and off — so you can thrive in the new micro-attention world in which we live.


by Vishen Lakhiani

(...) In a matter of months, Brendan transformed the way my team and I communicate on the internet. He gave us the incredible ability to boost our company’s revenue—as once you have a loyal following, you can get important messages out there, which ultimately helps you monetize that following. As a health advocate, one of the most important messages Brendan has helped us communicate to date was about the harmful effects and outlandish marketing claims of Coca-Cola. He guided us in launching a campaign with a video on the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup that amassed ten million views within a week (and it’s still growing). (...)

Brendan Kane

The author

Growth strategist Brendan Kane has the answer and will show you how—in 30 days or less. A wizard of the social media sphere, Kane has built online platforms for A-listers including Taylor Swift and Rihanna . He’s advised brands such as MTV , Skechers , Vice and IKEA on how to establish and grow their digital audience and engagement. Kane has spent his career discovering the best tools to turn any no-name into a top influencer simply by speaking into a camera or publishing a popular blog—and now he’ll share his secrets with you.

Brendan Kane
Brendan Kane


Learn how to get viral on any device.


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