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What amateur content creators can teach Hollywood scriptwriters

April 18, 2024

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This viral video with over 4.5 million views dials in a Oscar-worthy performance. Remember Little Women, the literary coming-of-age classic about five sisters? Well, this video featuring five modern-day sisters demonstrates how effective storytelling is key to generating views, engagement, and shares.

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So how did this ordinary skincare tutorial turn into a viral blockbuster? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Side plots. Within the first few seconds we’re made aware that something else is going on behind the scenes…”what do you need the scissors for?”
  • High stakes. Tomorrow is picture day. Mom is going to be furious. They have one chance to fix this crisis.
  • Rising tension. We can almost feel the pressure mounting as the oldest sister anxiously looks up how to cut bangs and Mom calls from the other room.
  • Strong reactions. Horrified expressions, tense concentration, worried glances toward the door, fingers pointed in blame, shouted accusations…these sisters don’t hold back.
  • Clever solution. We’ve probably all been through something like this before, so the hasty and heroic haircut not only rescues the botched bangs, it actually looks good.

Hollywood screenwriters can take notes on how this video hits all the emotional beats, adding suspense and humor for a thoroughly entertaining mini-coming of age story.

The takeaway for your content?

Storytelling is everything. The good news is that the key elements of a good story are the same for novels, blockbuster films, and short-form viral content. You don’t have to overthink it.

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