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Stop Cloning, Start Innovating 💡

May 13, 2024

1 min read

Mr.Beast, the biggest creator on YouTube, has inspired many imitators. Some have found immense success, racking up millions of views. However, others haven't been as fortunate. Why aren't these clones as successful? What exactly are they doing wrong?

The Hook Point team breaks it down in this video:

We identified some key tactics that Mr. Beast uses to generate mega viral videos:

  • Similar to a movie trailer, Mr. Beast’s videos “spoil” the big moments in the first few seconds
  • He builds story sequences with plot points and cliffhangers to keep viewers on the edge of their seats
  • By leveraging human connection, Mr. Beast creates heartwarming moments that break up high-intensity segments

The Mr. Beast imitators who follow these rules tend to perform well; however, most are cloning his style without grasping the substance of his content. What sets Mr. Beast apart is his brand promise which focuses on connecting with his community, grounding himself in their experiences rather than simply creating ostentatious scenarios.

The takeaway for your content? Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but you don’t need to clone a popular creator to go viral. Instead, create a comforting atmosphere for your community that promises not just intensity, but genuine moments between people.

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