Stop following your role models—hear me out!

May 20, 2024

1 min read

Role models can shape our lives, influencing our choices, behavior, and perspectives. They inspire us, guiding us through life with their wisdom, experience, and resilience.

So what I’m going to say next might seem crazy:

Stop following your role models.

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Instead, embrace the wisdom of mentors.

Mentorship is the catalyst for personal and professional growth, often surpassing the influence of role models. While role models may stir admiration from a distance, mentors provide direct, bespoke guidance and unwavering support.

Mentors bestow experience and wisdom, furnish constructive critique, and foster an arena for practical growth. This hands-on approach empowers mentees to acquire crucial expertise and tackle obstacles adeptly, propelling progress not only in careers but also as individuals.

Learn by doing.

At Hook Point, we mentor content creators to learn the craft of creating engaging and shareable viral content the only way we know how: by teaching you how to understand what makes content go viral. Through hands-on training and learning by doing, you can practice and perfect the skills necessary to create content that breaks through the noise.

You can keep admiring role models from afar, or you can roll up your sleeves and become your own role model. Which path will you choose?

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