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Craig Clemens

Hook Points help turn Golden Hippo Media’s Co-Founder into a personal brand

The case study explores Craig Clemens’ journey in building his personal brand through organic social media. As the co-founder of Golden Hippo, a highly successful company with over $2 billion worth of products sold, and one of the world’s top copywriters, Craig wanted to expand his personal brand to connect with celebrities and high-profile individuals for potential partnerships. This required him to dive into the world of organic social media, which was a different expertise compared to his direct response advertising background.

raig Clemens is the co-founder of Golden Hippo, a company known for partnering with high-profile doctors and celebrities for product creation. With a strong background in direct response advertising, Craig had built an impressive reputation as one of the top copywriters in the world. However, he now faced the challenge of building his personal brand on social media, a venture that greatly differed from his previous experience.


Although Craig had built an Instagram following of 30,000, he desired to start anew with a fresh account and a focused organic content strategy. He faced the challenge of transitioning his skills from direct response advertising to effectively engaging with users through organic social media tactics.


To overcome this challenge, Craig enlisted the help of Hook Point, who developed a strategy for Craig and taught him Viral Content Engineering. This process showed Craig how to create organic content that would resonate with his target audience. By tapping into various traffic sources and utilizing his storytelling skills, Craig was able to create engaging content that would help him stand out on social media.Hook Point provided a comprehensive strategy to help Craig better understand and utilize viral content engineering techniques. They guided him in creating content that would resonate with his target audience, drawing from various traffic sources to expand his following.


Within just a few months, Craig’s new Instagram account amassed an impressive 800,000 followers. This growth in followers enabled him to enter into influential conversations, connect with high-profile individuals, and explore potential partnerships for Golden Hippo.


The collaboration between Craig and Hook Point showcased the importance of understanding and adapting to different storytelling methods for diverse platforms. By doing so, Craig was able to effectively transition from his expertise in direct response advertising to organic social media growth, ultimately achieving his goal of building a broad and engaged audience.


Companies in similar industries or with comparable goals can benefit from the lessons learned throughout this case study. By recognizing the differences between paid and organic content and employing strategies to engage with a wider audience, businesses can effectively tap into the power of organic social media to expand their reach and foster new partnerships.

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