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Crank Movie

Designing Hook Points to elevate an independent action film starring Jason Statham and drive ticket sales on a limited marketing budget

When the independent action film Crank was released, it faced a significant challenge: a limited marketing budget. However, with the help of Hook Point the movie generated an impressive $42 million at the box office with just a $12 million budget. Hook Point’s innovative marketing strategies helped Crank succeed.


Crank was an action film featuring Jason Statham. As an independent movie, it faced challenges in a crowded marketplace. It had a limited budget for traditional marketing, so it had to find alternative ways to generate buzz. The movie was smaller than most action films, which made it difficult to attract attention.


Hook Point pioneered the first-ever YouTube influencer marketing campaign for Crank, leveraging the top YouTube users of the time to engage with the film’s stars and ignite excitement. This audacious and innovative strategy successfully generated significant buzz and interest among potential viewers.


Thanks to Hook Point’s marketing strategies, Crank earned an impressive $42 million at the box office, with just a $12 million budget. This is a staggering result for an independent action film of this size. Moreover, the success of Crank led to a sequel, which generated additional sales and cemented the movie’s place in pop culture history.

The movie’s unconventional marketing campaign proved that with the right plan, a successful outcome is possible, even for smaller films.

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