Case Study

Dr. Erin Nance

Hook Point Helps Hand Surgeon Dr. Erin Nance Gain Social Media Success

Dr. Erin Nance is a highly regarded hand surgeon with a thriving private practice who wanted to showcase her expertise in reality TV through her media company, Hands on Media. She approached Hook Point for guidance on social media and increasing viewership for her content.

Dr. Nance had no social media account, zero followers, and no clue about how to create viral hand surgery content. Despite initial difficulties in gaining more than 500 views on her videos, her perseverance paved the way for her success.


Dr. Nance faced the challenge of creating viral hand surgery content to increase her visibility on social media platforms.


Hook Point provided Dr. Nance with valuable feedback and analysis on her content, helping her improve and create viral videos. She learned about engagement and the process behind creating successful content.


Within just 7 months, Dr. Nance has amassed over 25 million views, and over 200,000 followers, making her a well-known figure in the hand surgery community on social media. With several videos pulling in over 2.5 million views, her increased visibility brought forth new opportunities such as keynote speaking invitations.

Dr. Nance attributes her success to the strong foundation laid by Hook Point and their valuable feedback. She encourages others to experiment and allow themselves sufficient time to learn and grow.

Dr. Nance recommends that other companies in the same industry facing similar challenges seek feedback and analysis on their content to improve and create viral videos. She also recommends experimenting and allowing sufficient time to learn and grow.

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