Case Study

Dr. Katy Jane

Hook Point Helps Dr. Katy Jane Increase Revenue and Reach with Social Media Strategy

Dr. Katy Jane is a counseling Bedic astrologer and spiritual thought leader who helps women through crucial life decisions. She found Hook Point through Brendan Kane’s book One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days.

Dr. Katy Jane operates in the spiritual and counseling fields and was looking for a way to increase revenue and reach through social media. She had tried various strategies in the past with limited success.


Dr. Katy Jane needed a social media strategy that would help her stand out in a crowded field and reach new clients at scale.



Hook Point provided Dr. Katy Jane with an overall strategy to increase revenue, build a social media following, and reach an audience at scale with a clear and effective message. This included an in-depth look at her business strategy and personalized coaching from Brendan Kane.


Dr. Katy Jane has seen a significant improvement in her business since working with Hook Point. She has increased revenue and built a strong social media following. Her clients have noticed improvements in her content creation and overall impact.


Hook Point’s guidance has had a transformative impact on Dr. Katy Jane’s business. She highly recommends their services to solopreneurs and business leaders looking to grow their businesses.

Dr. Katy Jane encourages anyone looking to grow as an entrepreneur to consider working with Hook Point.

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