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Dr. Staci, a renowned pediatric dentist based in Portland, Oregon, faced an intriguing challenge. Despite having high-quality educational materials, she struggled to captivate people's attention over the issue of cavities in children. Hook Point’s innovative approach was able to transform Dr. Staci's communication strategy and help her achieve exceptional results.


Dr. Staci is an expert in pediatric dentistry and has dedicated her career to combating the world's number one chronic disease in children - cavities. Despite cavities causing sleep and breathing issues in 9 out of 10 kids, public awareness on the topic remains low. Dr. Staci sought our expertise to help her engage, educate, and make a real difference.


The primary challenge was the dull nature of her subject matter, making it difficult to generate interest, scale her reach, and ultimately impact children's health. Moreover, she needed to find a sustainable revenue source for her compostable floss pick business and expand her professional network.


Hook Point employed a multi-pronged approach to address Dr. Staci's challenges:

  • Repositioning her mission statement - By reframing her mission from merely discussing cavities to addressing chronic disease in children, we made her message more impactful and difficult to ignore.
  • Restructuring the floss pick business - We introduced a subscription-based "Hygiene Kit," providing Dr. Staci with a sustainable and scalable revenue source.
  • Building professional connections - We helped Dr. Staci engage with influencers in the health and wellness space, private schools, and environmental organizations, enhancing her platform and professional network.
  • Content strategy revamp - We created a content strategy that showcased dramatic real-life cases in children's oral health, making the issue more engaging.
  • Communication analysis and overhaul - By incorporating our communication algorithm, Dr. Staci effectively connected and engaged with a broader audience.


Surge in client appointments, even requiring her to hire an additional dentist as people began traveling from afar to consult with her.

Within a few months, Dr. Staci signed a book publishing deal and launched her patented flosser in the market, significantly raising her profile.


Dr. Staci's case study illustrates the power of strategic messaging and targeted solutions in overcoming challenges and achieving business success. By employing Hook Points, she transformed her communication and content, ultimately amplifying her impact on children's health.

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