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Jana Bartlett

The art of healing

In the thriving healing arts industry, Jana Bartlett Alonso faced the challenge of effectively reaching her target audience and converting them into paying customers. Hook Point helped Jana maximize her online presence, leading to exponential growth for her School of Integrative Healing.

As a trauma survivor, Jana Bartlett Alonso founded the School of Integrative Healing with a vision to teach women how to heal from the inside out. Despite growing the business into a multi-six-figure venture, she struggled with a demanding schedule, diminishing returns, and a weak online presence.


Jana’s primary challenge was her limited reach on social media, resulting in weak organic traffic and decreasing sales. Her website was in dire need of a makeover to provide an enhanced user experience and increase conversions.


Hook Point transformed Jana’s online presence by first redesigning her website, ensuring a smoother user experience and easier access to workshop sign-ups. The agency also optimized her Facebook Group, enabling her to provide valuable content and host trial challenges for her audience. Additionally, Jana implemented Hook Point’s Viral Content Engineering and the Process Communication Method to produce captivating and effective content.


The results were astounding, with Jana earning six figures in less than a week after implementing Hook Point’s strategies. She estimates that 80% of the women who participate in the immersions enroll in the School for Integrative Health. Jana’s content strategy quadrupled her views, allowing her to reach more women with her life-affirming message.


Hook Point’s expert strategies and recommendations revitalized Jana’s online presence, resulting in significant business growth and a better work-life balance. They to empower Jana in her mission to bring healing and vitality to women’s lives.

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