Case Study

John Malecki

Transforming a Woodworking Passion into a Thriving Business


In the competitive world of woodworking and DIY projects, John Malecki, former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman turned craftsman, faced the daunting task of establishing his new career and sharing his passion with a broader audience. Hook Point helped John overcome this obstacle and turn his woodworking hobby into a successful business venture through a comprehensive social media strategy.


John Malecki, known for his years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, made a significant career transition to pursue his love for woodworking and DIY projects. Despite his expertise, he struggled to effectively communicate his excitement and capture the attention of others. Hook Point recognized the potential in John’s talent and assisted him in developing a robust social media presence to promote his DIY business coaching course, Craft to Career.


The primary challenge John faced was finding ways to engage and captivate his target audience, showcasing his expertise and craftsmanship in a highly competitive online environment. He needed assistance in standing out among the vast sea of DIY content creators and reaching a broader audience to promote his coaching course effectively.


Hook Point devised a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to John’s specific needs. They helped him create compelling organic content that resonated with a diverse audience. Leveraging their expertise, Hook Point guided John in tapping into viral trends and optimizing his content for maximum impact. Furthermore, they introduced him to the Process Communication Model (PCM), enabling him to connect better with his audience and communicate his message effectively.


The results achieved through Hook Point’s social media strategy were nothing short of extraordinary. John’s social media channels, particularly his YouTube and TikTok channels, experienced exponential growth. By experimenting with various video formats, optimizing thumbnails, and capitalizing on viral TikTok woodworking trends, John’s average video views skyrocketed from 100K to over a million views, reaching a significantly wider audience.

In his breakout videos, John strategically incorporated ASMR elements, tackled seemingly impossible challenges, and layered absurdity in his storytelling. These key performance drivers were instrumental in driving the outstanding results he achieved.

Before: 13K views

After: 6.4M views


John Malecki’s success story serves as an inspiration to all those pursuing niche hobbies. With the right strategy and guidance from Hook Point, John transformed his woodworking passion into a thriving online presence. Leveraging a tailored social media approach to amplify one’s unique skills can help anyone reach a broader audience. Hook Point’s expertise and strategic guidance played a pivotal role in John’s remarkable journey.

Recommendations :

For companies in the woodworking or similar industries, facing challenges in reaching a wider audience or monetizing their expertise, Hook Point’s approach can serve as a valuable example. By focusing on organic content creation, leveraging viral trends, and employing effective communication models like PCM, businesses can maximize their online presence and connect with their target audience more authentically. Hook Point’s expertise positions them as thought leaders and a valuable resource for companies seeking to overcome similar challenges and achieve remarkable growth in their respective industries.

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