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Jonny IrwinJonny Irwin
+ 30M

Over 30 Million people reached per month

+ 500.000

Over half a million followers


Hook Point assisted Jon Irwin, the co-founder of Revive Home, a social media company that transitioned from home remodeling to content creation focused on home renovation tips and hacks. The challenge was to market their content effectively and grow their brand reach and followers.


Revive Home, founded by Jon Irwin and his brother, initially started creating videos of home construction projects on TikTok, which gained significant traction, leading them to shift into full-time content creation for the home remodeling niche.


Jon was hesitant about investing in a program to grow their brand because, “There are a lot of programs out there, but after reading Brendan Kane’s books, I realized Hook Point was the leader.” Overcoming this hesitation, he took a leap of faith with Hook Point, recognizing their expertise in the industry.


Hook Point provided guidance based on the Process Communication Model, helping Jon understand how to tailor content to appeal to a broader audience. The program also offered organic recommendations to improve content creation and marketing strategies. Specifically, Hook Point recommended three custom short-form video formats designed to showcase Revive Home’s expertise with DIY tips, budget-friendly home design solutions, and home-improvement hacks.


As a result of working with Hook Point, Revive Home now reaches over 30 million people monthly with over 500.000 Followers. They have seen measurable improvements in content performance and a better understanding of analytics. Jon says, “It made me realize how people perceive content, whether through emotions or facts, and how to create content to get the most people to stop and watch. It’s helped me open up my content to reach a broader audience beyond the construction niche.”


The collaboration with Hook Point has fundamentally changed Revive Home's approach to social media, enabling continuous improvement in content production and analytics-driven decision-making. Jon credits Hook Point’s research-backed process for the success of Revive Homes: “Before Hook Point we didn’t really know how to create content that people would want to share, and now we’re seeing huge improvements and growth.”

Jon recommends Hook Point for business owners aiming to maximize their video impact and reach a broader audience. “Whether you’re trying to sell a service or product, or just create the best video possible, it’s all about marketing. So when your goal is to produce the best video possible, and reach the largest number of people to get a big impact, Hook Point works. It’s not a quick thing—it takes a lot of work. The biggest thing I realized when I started was how much I didn’t know and how much I had to learn. The support is there for you to keep improving.”

+ 30M

Over 30 Million people reached per month

+ 500.000

Over half a million followers

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