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Nordic Naturals

A legacy supplement brand expands its reach on social platforms and marketplaces with Hook Points

Nordic Naturals is a supplement brand that aimed to use social media to amplify its brand and propel its products into the mass market. However, the company lacked expertise and experience in social media, and its internal team struggled to communicate their best ideas to executives. That’s where Hook Point came in - to provide a crash course in social media.

Nordic Naturals started its business in 1995 with a clear mission to bring pure, fresh, omega-3 nutrients common in Norway to store shelves worldwide. The company grew and stayed true to its mission of delivering the world’s safest, most effective nutrients to help customers take control of their health. However, Nordic Naturals remained relatively unknown in the supplement field.


The specific challenges that Nordic Naturals faced were revamping a struggling marketing and social team to attract top vendors and land key accounts with global distributors. The company suspected social media could help them gain traction, but they lacked expertise and experience.


Hook Point saw a massive opportunity in Nordic Naturals and immediately integrated social media into the nuts and bolts of Nordic Naturals’ operations, while preparing the internal team. Hook Point taught the creative team the basics of hook points and the subconscious communication styles behind consumer preferences. Then, Hook Point used its proprietary Communication Algorithm model to analyze Nordic Naturals’ internal team to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Finally, Hook Point hired a creative team and put them through a rigorous course on viral content creation. Together, Hook Point and Nordic Naturals developed a tailored strategy to exploit social algorithms and amplify the brand. The companies worked together to refine their pitch and story for potential partners like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart.


The consulting agency achieved huge results, with a massive increase in social engagement that helped Nordic Naturals land key accounts with Walmart, Target, and other top vendors, leading to massive revenue gains. A new YouTube channel received 10 million views in the first few months. Instagram followers increased from 13K to 250K. A 30% revenue increase was attributed to new major clients. Nordic Naturals had 2.2X more views on Facebook than the leading competitor and 7X more views on Instagram than the leading competitor. Hook Point’s social media and communication expertise helped Nordic Naturals invest in social, improve internal communication, and generate breakthrough ideas. As a result, the company experienced exceptional growth and used its social media success to demonstrate to key retailers that they had the best product in the market. Want help with your social media strategy? Connect 1-on-1 with Brendan’s team here to see if we are the right fit to work together.


Nordic Naturals, a supplement brand, partnered with Hook Point to improve its social media presence and attract top vendors. Hook Point provided a crash course in social media and used its Communication Algorithm model to identify opportunities. The consulting agency hired a creative team and developed a tailored strategy that led to a massive increase in social engagement, revenue gains, and major clients. Nordic Naturals’ YouTube channel received 10 million views, Instagram followers increased from 13K to 250K, and revenue increased by 30%.

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