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Shadow Cliq

“The insight and strategy gained from Hook Point has changed the way we look at social media.”

Shadow Cliq, a hard metal rock band, had a desire to amplify their social media presence, attract top-tier agents, land a high-profile record label contract, and secure invitations to major music festivals. However, despite posting frequently, they were unable to break through with a viral hit.

Shadow Cliq is a cutting-edge hard metal rock band that sought to grow their following and increase their social media presence. The band had a loyal following, but they needed to reach a larger audience to achieve their goals.

The specific challenge faced by Shadow Cliq was how to produce a viral hit that would expand their reach and increase their visibility.


One of the main challenges EpiLynx faced was standing out in the crowded skincare and cosmetics industry. Dr. Liia was also concerned about making a significant financial investment and time commitment to grow her business.


Our consulting agency recommended several short-form social media formats that have a high potential for going viral. We also educated Shadow Cliq on how to analyze those formats and provided the band with clear instructions on what to do and what not to do when producing those formats. Furthermore, our team conducted detailed research and provided insights on Shadow Cliq’s existing social media strategy and how to pivot for a better chance at a breakout viral hit. Our research delved into the specific nuances and performance drivers that boosted those formats and helped Shadow Cliq stand out.


Shadow Cliq implemented our recommendations, and as a result, they posted a video that garnered an impressive 3 million views. This viral video helped them gain a whopping 35,000 new followers, which will greatly benefit them in generating more concert ticket sales and merchandise purchases.


We helped Shadow Cliq shift their focus from quantity to quality. By teaching them how to produce one viral hit, we helped the band save time and get more visibility from a single post. It only takes one viral video to launch a stronger social media presence and generate more visibility.

Any artist or entrepreneur can benefit from going viral, as it exposes your product or service to a significantly larger audience. We teach you the skills for going viral on social media, as organic social media growth is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and gain credibility as a thought leader in your industry. Increased visibility ultimately leads to increased sales because your message is reaching an exponentially larger pool of potential customers.

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