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Stephanie Ackermann

Empowerment through Focused Social Media Strategy

Stephanie AckermannStephanie Ackermann


United Female Gifts was founded by Stephanie Ackermann, who overcame a harrowing experience with Covid-19 to pursue her lifelong dream of empowering women to unlock their hidden magic through guided meditation and exploration of their “future happy selves.” The business offers a unique niche message about spirituality and witchcraft, and Stephanie turned to the Hook Point team to build a social media strategy that would enable her to reach a wider audience while staying true to her vision.


United Female Gifts offers empowering products and services that are intended to help women overcome obstacles in their lives, and Stephanie's mission is to enable women to unlock their potential through self-discovery. With a unique message in a niche market, Stephanie needed a focused digital marketing strategy that would help her business reach new audiences.


Stephanie faced a number of challenges, including how to take her message to a wider audience, engage with her customers more effectively, and grow her business in a sustainable way. Her business was small and did not have a large marketing budget, which made it even more difficult to attract and retain new customers.


The Hook Point team developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Stephanie that included optimizing landing pages, increasing the lifetime value of customers, and, most importantly, creating bingeable and shareable social media content. The team worked closely with Stephanie to develop strategies that aligned with her vision while also driving growth and revenue for the business.


Since working with the Hook Point team, United Female Gifts has achieved remarkable results. Stephanie describes her business growth as “incredible” and credits the Hook Point team with helping her develop a clear roadmap for success. Stephanie has generated the income she always dreamed of, and she loves the intentional and focused plan for growth that the Hook Point team has enabled her to develop.


Through its work with United Female Gifts, the Hook Point team has demonstrated its ability to create focused and effective digital marketing strategies that help businesses grow and succeed. Stephanie's experience demonstrates the power of a clear vision, combined with a skilled team that can build and execute effective growth strategies.

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