Case Study

Vanessa Blasic

The Blonde Vacationist


Vanessa Blasic, also known as The Blonde Vacationist, owns a professional travel, hacking, and coaching business that helps people maximize points and earn free vacations. Vanessa turned to Hook Point to build a strong foundation for her social media presence and introduce her business to a wider audience.


Vanessa had previously tried various courses and growth hacks to expand her social media presence, but none of them seemed to work. She was frustrated and skeptical when she approached Hook Point for help.


Vanessa’s biggest challenge was to create a stronger social media presence that could reach a wider audience. She needed to learn how to create engaging content and establish her brand identity.


Hook Point provided Vanessa with a deep understanding of social media, from scripting to setup, and helped her to create her own trend instead of just following others. The consulting agency offered a detailed approach, highlighting specific strategies and tactics to achieve Vanessa’s goals.


Vanessa implemented the learnings and strategies gained from Hook Point and saw a significant increase in her following on Instagram and TikTok. She now has more viral videos and is preparing to launch a new program in 2023. Vanessa was blown away by what she learned from Hook Point and encourages entrepreneurs to develop their understanding of how social media impacts their businesses.


Hook Point’s approach was deeper and more beneficial than other courses Vanessa had tried before. It helped her to understand social media and create engaging content that resonates with her audience. The consulting agency’s impact on Vanessa’s business was significant, and she now has a stronger social media presence that attracts more followers and potential clients.


Small businesses, big brands, and individuals should have a presence on social media, and Hook Point can teach them the actual fundamentals on how to understand the content they’re creating so they can excel instead of just chasing trends. If you’re looking to build a strong social media presence, Hook Point is the way to go.

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