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Boom! Here's the formula for viral video success ✅

June 24, 2024

1 min read

This week’s blog post features a two question pop-quiz.

The first question: How long did it take you to discover what this ad is about?

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Could you have ever guessed it was about ceiling tiles?

The second question: Why was this video so successful?

There are actually three answers:

Firstly, it expertly balances drama and absurdity. By incorporating storytelling techniques and unexpected elements, it creates an emotional rollercoaster that captivates viewers. The sheer strangeness of the situation keeps them hooked, while the blend of Shakespearean references adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Secondly, the video cleverly subverts our expectations. It takes what we're used to and flips it on its head, leading us on an unexpected journey from curiosity to sympathy to laughter. This element of surprise is what makes it truly memorable.

Lastly, the video's creators clearly understood the power of eliciting strong reactions from viewers. By aiming to provoke emotions and drive engagement, they ensured that the video would be liked, shared, and viewed by a wide audience. So, when you're creating content, always consider the effect you want to have on your viewers and work backwards from there.

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