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Can you master the craft of storytelling? ✍️

June 17, 2024

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Everyone loves a good story, but not everyone knows how to tell one. If you want to succeed at content creation, mastering the art of storytelling is crucial. Don't worry if you're not a natural storyteller – it's possible to learn in just three steps.

Step 1: Promise of Value - A Commitment You Can't Resist

Successful videos capture attention by promising value to the viewers. Whether it's entertainment, education, life advice, emotional validation, or unique experiences, setting the expectation of a rewarding experience is key. These promises can be made at the beginning of the video or woven throughout the narrative to deepen engagement.

Step 2: Tension Building - The Essence of Gripping Stories

Tension is what keeps viewers hooked on a story. It's the feeling of imbalance or unease that draws them in and compels them to uncover what happens next. By presenting obstacles, challenges, and conflicts in the protagonist's journey, tension immerses viewers and creates an emotional connection. This connection leads to a more satisfying emotional payoff.

Take Mark Rober, for example. He structures his narratives by asking smaller sub-questions, which build tension in the audience. By creating and releasing small tension within the bigger conflict, Rober has become a master of building suspense.

Step 3: Providing Value - Fulfilling the Needs of Your Audience

To satisfy your audience's expectations, delivering valuable content is crucial. Whether it's entertainment, education, life advice, or emotional validation, providing value ensures that your viewers' desires and aspirations are met.

Once you embrace these key elements, you’ll unlock the true potential of your storytelling and your narratives come to life.

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Promise of Value
Tension Building
Providing Value

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