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Daniela De Pena, a self-taught chef who left the corporate event industry to focus entirely on food content creation, encountered a common challenge among content creators: breaking through on social media. This is particularly challenging in the saturated food space. This case study demonstrates how Hook Point helped Daniela identify specific storytelling structures that allowed her to stand out amidst the noise.


Overcoming her childhood challenges with food and weight, Daniela became a health-conscious chef in the corporate event industry. Later, she transitioned into full-time content creation, sharing recipes that are both delicious and nutritious through her brand #partyinmouth. Her long-term goal is to educate more children about gardening and preparing wholesome meals at home. Thus, establishing herself as a thought leader on social media became crucial.


Success with social media demands a specific creative process and content formats to stand out amidst the noise of 200 billion daily messages. Daniela's organic content heavily leaned on branded content. However, research indicates that branding can hinder content performance as viewers quickly identify the advertisement and scroll past it. Daniela needed a storytelling structure to make her content more engaging and breakthrough.


Hook Point provided Daniela with a comprehensive strategy to refine her content. They guided her through the Hook Point’s Communication Algorithm to understand her perception and that of others. This assessment helped Daniela adjust her language and messaging to connect with a larger audience. Additionally, Hook Point helped her recognize three repeatable storytelling formats based on research, empowering her to produce purposeful and impactful content.


Thanks to Hook Point's strategy, Daniela's organic social media performance has significantly improved. Her Instagram followers have increased tenfold, and her average views have also risen, with several videos surpassing 100K views. In fact, within just a few months of collaborating with Hook Point, Daniela won the One Million Views Award. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Daniela bravely stepped away from her corporate career to pursue her passion. She recognizes Hook Point's significant contribution to her success, “This is a milestone that I couldn’t have accomplished without them. Thank you, Brendan Kane and your team.”

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