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With Hook Point's guidance, Lala saw her Facebook Watch show achieve an impressive 2.1 million views in the first episode.


Understanding how to leverage Social Media Audience for her benefit


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Views on her first episode


Daily Follower growth


In the highly competitive entertainment world, actress and entrepreneur Lala Anthony faced the challenge of effectively utilizing social media to grow her career. Hook Point helped Lala optimize her social media presence, ultimately boosting her visibility and online engagement.


Lala Anthony is an American television personality, actress, and entrepreneur known for her work as a VJ on MTV's Total Request Live and her appearances in various TV shows and movies. Social media plays a critical role in her ability to connect with her audience and bolster her career.


Although Lala already had a substantial following on Instagram, she lacked a deep understanding of social media strategies and how to leverage them for her benefit. She needed assistance with optimizing her engagement and understanding content partnerships and algorithms to accelerate her growth on the platforms.


Hook Point worked closely with Lala to conduct tests on her content and demonstrate optimal strategies for engagement. They taught her the importance of leveraging strategic relationships and partnerships around content, using a specific example involving ESPN. Hook Point also supported Lala in the launch of her Facebook Watch show, helping to develop a strategy that would ensure its success and extend its reach beyond her social channels.


With Hook Point's guidance, Lala saw a significant increase in her daily follower growth, from 3-5,000 followers to 25-30,000 followers. Their strategic content advice allowed her to drive higher engagement on her social channels. Moreover, her Facebook Watch show achieved an impressive 2.1 million views on the first episode, validating her ability to generate substantial numbers with her content.


The collaboration with Hook Point proved to be highly beneficial for Lala Anthony's career, as they provided valuable insights and strategies on how to optimize her social media engagement and leverage partnerships. The results not only increased her visibility and reach but also positioned her as a strong content creator across various platforms.


Views on her first episode


Daily Follower growth

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