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Elevating Social Media Presence for Easton Outdoors


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Easton Outdoors, a prominent landscape contractor situated in coastal Virginia, initially ventured into social media with the aim to streamline their marketing efforts. However, they encountered obstacles in their growth trajectory, compelling them to seek our expertise for a strategic uplift.


A respected player in the landscaping industry, Easton Outdoors proactively embraced social media as a platform to enhance their brand positioning and expand their online reach, reflecting their forward-looking stance in leveraging digital channels for business growth.


The pivotal challenge for Easton Outdoors materialized as a plateau in their social media growth. Struggling to connect with their audience, they sought our intervention to navigate the roadblocks and revitalize their online presence.


We took a robust and all-encompassing approach to breathe new life into Easton Outdoors' social media strategy. We launched our intervention with a meticulous training in the Process Communication Model, training their team in the six basic personal communication styles. This enabled their team to effectively connect with their audience and integrate the model into their marketing materials, ensuring maximum engagement.

This was followed by an intensive knowledge training on the Viral Content Model, providing Easton Outdoors the mastery required to create bespoke and captivating content that speaks directly to their audience. Recognizing that Easton Outdoors' content thrived in DIY, ASMR, and time-lapse-style formats, we equipped their team with the knowledge of driving performance and understanding the nuances that make content in those formats go viral.


The strategic collaboration yielded substantial success as Easton Outdoors experienced a remarkable surge in their social media performance. Within a mere two weeks, their Facebook following skyrocketed by an impressive 2,000 followers, accompanied by a series of videos attaining viral status. Owner Micah Miller reflected on their improvement: "We've become hyper-aware of what works and what doesn't work. We document the process so we can measure our performance and keep improving."

Recently, Micah Miller and Easton Outdoors received the prestigious Hook Point One Million Views Award, recognizing their outstanding achievement in creating viral videos.


The transformation in Dr. Davis' social media strategy, guided by Hook Point's philosophy, has been nothing short of remarkable. What was once a guessing game and a source of frustration has become a structured and successful marketing channel. By focusing on producing high-quality, audience-centered content, they have achieved accelerated growth and remarkable engagement.

However, the benefits extend beyond just organic growth. Easton Outdoors is also seeing financial gains with a significant rise in referrals. Their robust online presence on social media has become an essential driver of word-of-mouth business. As people discover them through search engines, they validate their credibility on social media, resulting in an increase in lead generation.

+ 1M

Million views

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