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Maximizing Sleep Doctor's Social Media Impact: A Strategic Partnership with Hook Point


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In the highly competitive healthcare and wellness industry, sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus - known as "The Sleep Doctor" - faced the challenge of building a social media presence that matched his offline success. He required a strategic partner to help him understand the intricacies of social media algorithms, create compelling content, and maximize audience engagement. The collaboration between Dr. Breus and Hook Point allowed him to expand his social reach and cement his standing as a thought leader in the sleep and wellness space.


Dr. Michael Breus is a renowned sleep expert with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and over two decades of experience. He has authored multiple books and appeared as a speaker and TV guest on numerous occasions. Despite his success offline, Dr. Breus struggled to gain traction on social media, a critical aspect in securing new engagements, TV appearances, and book deals.


The main challenges Dr. Breus faced were low social media engagement, unclear understanding of social media algorithms, a lack of storytelling, and the use of stock images within his content. These obstacles were preventing him from expanding his online audience, putting at risk opportunities to further grow his brand.


Hook Point stepped in as a strategic partner, working closely with Dr. Breus to provide a fundamental understanding of social media platforms and their functionality. They him storytelling strategies and the Viral Content Engineering process to create enticing, value-driven content that appealed to a wider audience. They supported him in building a strong social media presence, specifically on Instagram, by combining a data-driven approach with an effective content strategy.


Within 60 days of partnering with Hook Point, Dr. Breus saw a significant increase in his Instagram followers, reaching 100,000 in that short time frame. This growth not only expanded his audience but also led to higher visibility, more speaking engagements, and additional television appearances. As a result of this newfound success, Dr. Breus was able to raise his speaking fees and even witnessed an acquisition of his brand.


The strategic partnership between Dr. Michael Breus and Hook Point showcases the power of effective social media strategies and storytelling in growing an online presence. By overcoming the initial challenges and leveraging key insights, Dr. Breus is now positioned as a prominent industry leader with opportunities for continued growth and success.


Followers in 60 days

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