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Planet Home Festival

The collaboration with Planet Home resulted in a highly successful inaugural festival.


Create brand awareness and drive ticket sales
Planet Home FestivalPlanet Home Festival


Planet Home is a company dedicated to finding innovative ways to protect our planet. They envisioned combining large-scale educational events with traditional music festival experiences, incorporating vendors, speakers, and engaging activities centered around sustainability. Hook Point developed a strategy for Planet Home to launch their inaugural festival in San Francisco, starting from scratch and aiming to generate awareness, interest, and ticket sales.


Planet Home's mission revolves around creating immersive festivals that merge entertainment with sustainable concepts. Their commitment to saving the planet drives their initiatives, which include keynote speakers like Bill Nye, the Science Guy, alongside performances by iconic figures like Snoop Dogg. As a first-time festival, they faced the challenge of launching an unknown brand and attracting a customer base to support their vision.


The primary challenge for Planet Home was to create brand awareness and drive ticket sales for their inaugural festival. They needed to generate interest and engagement, enticing people to attend the festival and experience the unique combination of entertainment and sustainability-focused activities.


To address this challenge, Hook Point’s strategy centered around creating compelling content that highlighted the festival's entertainment value, featuring notable speakers, engaging experiences, and popular artists like Snoop Dogg and actors Edward Norton and Adrian Grenier. By testing various content angles, we identified the most effective hooks to attract and engage the target audience. This approach allowed us to communicate the festival's underlying purpose while appealing to attendees' desire for a fun and immersive experience.


The festival exceeded expectations and achieved remarkable success. Planet Home sold out all the tickets for one of the festival days and came close to selling out the remaining days. Considering it was an unknown festival with a sustainability focus, this level of success was a testament to the effectiveness of the marketing and engagement strategies implemented.


The collaboration with Planet Home resulted in a highly successful inaugural festival that combined entertainment with a meaningful message about saving the planet. By strategically identifying entry points and appealing to attendees' desires, we helped Planet Home create an immersive experience that engaged and educated festival-goers. Our efforts in generating brand awareness and driving ticket sales played a pivotal role in the festival's overall success.

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