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Thanks to Hook Point's strategies, Modern Academy achieved multiple milestones


Attract students and strategic partnerships
Sabine SotoSabine Soto


Modern Academy, a private bilingual K-12 school led by entrepreneur Sabine Soto, faced multiple challenges in building credibility and attracting students due to its unconventional approach to education and the perception of being a "new" institution. This case study outlines how consulting agency Hook Point worked closely with Sabine to overcome these obstacles and establish the school as a prestigious and innovative educational leader.


Sabine Soto, with her extensive experience in the hospitality industry, founded Modern Academy, an innovative school integrating problem-solving and project-based learning. With two programs – one on-site in Cancun, Mexico, and a worldwide online platform – the school offers a comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, sports, arts, music, and a healthy environment for students.


Despite its unique offerings, Modern Academy struggled to attract students and forge strategic partnerships with major companies. Its relatively short history and the public’s unfamiliarity with the Montessori philosophy made it challenging for Sabine to reach out to the right audience and convey the value of her institution.


Hook Point provided an all-encompassing strategy to address Modern Academy's challenges. Their approach included helping Sabine write a book about her educational philosophy, creating an online education summit for industry leaders, and utilizing LinkedIn for direct outreach to top executives. Furthermore, Hook Point’s strategy showed Modern Academy how to establish an internship program, implement a compelling social media campaign, and taught Sabine the Communication Algorithm to connect with a wider audience.


Thanks to Hook Point's strategies, Modern Academy achieved multiple milestones, including partnering with the EHL Hospitality Business School, ranked #1 internationally, and securing a book deal for Sabine to promote her vision. The school is now set to open an EHL-certified hospitality business school in Cancun by 2025, expanding its reach and offerings, and increasing visibility.


Hook Point's methods enabled the school to form key alliances, enhance visibility, and ultimately grow and thrive. For other educational institutions facing similar challenges, adopting strategies similar to those implemented by Hook Point can help elevate the institution's reputation, forge strategic partnerships, and attain higher enrollment rates. Focusing efforts on thought leadership, digital outreach, and building relationships with industry professionals can contribute to overall success and recognition in the competitive educational landscape.

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