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Can we make dentistry exciting at scale?


Recently, Dr. Staci, a pediatric dentist based in Portland, Oregon, approached us with an interesting problem:

Though she was a successful dentist, she was struggling to bring her work of treating and preventing children’s cavities to a global audience. People couldn’t look past “filling cavities” to understand the full impact she was having on her clients through her innovative dental techniques.

Throughout our initial conversation with Dr. Staci, we were blown away by some of the research and statistics around her work. We, like most of you, had no idea that cavities were the number one chronic disease in children in the world, and that 9 out of 10 kids develop sleep and/or breathing issues because of cavities.

So how did we take Dr. Staci from fighting cavities to a top thought leader known for saving children’s lives globally?

During our Hook Point sessions, we realized that the problem wasn’t with Dr. Staci’s content – the educational materials she had were top-notch. The main issue preventing Dr. Staci from scaling was that cavities just aren’t an inherently captivating topic for the vast majority of people.

So…how did we get people from skipping past her content, which was all about cavities?

Our first Hook Point was to reposition Dr. Staci’s mission statement. She wasn’t just a dentist talking about children’s cavities, but an expert on chronic disease in children. Cavities may be a dry subject, and therefore easy to ignore, but when you’re talking about a silent epidemic that’s affecting kids around the world, it suddenly becomes a lot harder to scroll past. In other words, most parents want to do whatever they can to prevent their kids from suffering from a chronic disease, where they might not have given their kids’ cavities a second thought.

We also helped Dr. Staci with the following:

  • Restructured her compostable floss pick business, as part of a subscription box “Hygiene Kit”. This gave her a sustainable, scalable source of revenue.
  • Developed a strategy that allowed Dr. Staci to connect with influencers in the health and wellness space, as well as with private schools and environmental organizations, providing her a bigger platform and the ability to expand her professional network.
  • Crafted a content strategy that allowed Dr. Staci to address case studies around children’s oral health with dramatizations of real stories she’s experienced treating patients.
  • Through our communication analysis, we found that Dr. Staci was communicating with only a small percentage of the population (a common trend with clients who have not previously implemented our communication algorithm). She added our communication strategy to her repertoire, and now she is effectively connecting and engaging at scale.

So how did it work out for her? Well, Dr. Staci will soon be hiring a new dentist at her practice because people are driving from hours away just to see her. In only a few short months, her schedule is more packed now than it has ever been. She’s also started working on her new book after we helped land her a publishing deal, and she is also bringing her new patented flosser to the market. We’re incredibly proud of how far she’s come, and we’re confident her profile is only going to continue to grow.

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