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Rock Space

Pierfrancesco Conte is an astrophysicist, musician, cinema buff, and rock-n-roll historian who had a vision to create a hub for his varied interests. Thus, Rock Space was born, which fused science and music and was present on almost all social media platforms. However, Pierfrancesco faced two significant issues: managing his time and lack of direction.

Rock Space was born out of Pierfrancesco’s passion, who wanted to share his creativity, art, and personality with others. The website became quickly popular on social media platforms and could be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify, and others.


The primary challenge Pierfrancesco faced was managing his time effectively. He couldn’t focus on his full-time job and his social media ambition simultaneously. Also, despite being on multiple platforms, Rock Space was not taking off due to lack of direction and strategy.


Reading One Million Followers inspired Pierfrancesco to study the science behind social media. He tried different strategies to make Rock Space stand out but faced challenges initially. However, he found the direction he needed after consulting the Hook Point team, who provided him with the right solutions and supported him throughout the creative process. As a result, Pierfrancesco found his voice on social media and the direction he needed.


Rock Space engagement skyrocketed to 250K from a few dozen views on YouTube. Pierfrancesco could finally share his passions and evangelize for rock-n-roll. He now wakes up every morning and does what he loves.


Pierfrancesco overcame his obstacles by asking himself if he was afraid, and made a promise to himself not to let anything limit him from reaching his goals. Hook Point helped Pierfrancesco realize his dream successfully. He advised people to approach Hook Point not as a product but as a school, where they still have to work hard and study to pass the exams.

Other companies facing similar challenges in the industry can benefit from studying the science behind social media and seeking help from experts like Hook Point. They can learn how to grow their business and overcome the challenges of managing time and finding direction on social media platforms.

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